dissabte, 5 d’abril de 2014


Guy Standing has written a book called "The precariat" where he exposes his theory on this emerging new class which includes a growing number of the population in what he calls a process of precariatisation. There is the danger of moving into the solutions proposed by the extreme right but there is also the counterbalance of finding a way out through the progressive movements.He also calls them the politics of paradise as he links them with the classical utopia. But contrary to what it may first suggest, the utopia is not something unatainable but the pedal which will operate the whole process.

The precariat is a class in the making. It still doesn't have a clear vision of where to go but it is already finding a place in the political arena. We have recently seen in Spain how movements such as PAH or others have put pressure on the political class and also on the judiciary. Guy talks about citizens being deprived of their citizen rights and being turned into what he calls "denizens", an old term which defines well a situation of instability, as instability is the defining trait of this new growing group. 
They have made us think that this crisis is more than anything something specific of the Mediterranian countries and that mainly affects those few who just didn't do things right in the past. By doing this, they are trying to descredit and  to neutralise a response which aims at undermining the system . This crisis is not a Mediterranean or even a European one. We are in a global turmoil that started back in the 8Os when Thatcher and Reagan, backed by the neoliberal theories of the Chicago school, started to extend their political views on destroying the group and fostering the individual. Reversing this situation, bringing back the strength of the group should be primal and the main goal.

If there is something I have learnt by listening to Guy these last days while driving back and forth is that what makes this emerging movement stand out from the working class movements of the past is that its goal is not just the control of the production, and thus go back to their parent's working (or toiling) ideal, but getting a fair share in time and space control, and, above all, in the making of a new secure and stable global community.